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Paddi (aka Patrick Jordan) was a co-host of the Furry Broadcasting Corporation show Bunny Suicide, after the previous co-host Fatmandell and the host TC. He became a co-host half way through the first series of the show.

Paddi was born in 1986 in Essex, England, and grew up in Newcastle. As of October 2006 he is a student at Bangor University, Wales. He is the Wargames Co-Ordinator for the Bangor Wargaming and Role Playing Society and has been a member of BWRPS for 2 years. He plays Warhammer 40k, Shadowrun and Dungeons and Dragons as well as other games.

Paddi is famous for wearing his hat and leather coat as well as always wearing black. Paddi's hat within BWRPS has come to be known as "The Hat", Paddi believes that 'the hat' drains the life out of any person who wears it, then transfers it back to him. Unless the hat is worn backwards and at a funny angle, in which case it drains the life from Paddi. Because of this, Evis often tries to get Paddi to wear the hat in this manner.

His avatar within the fur fandom is a Badger.