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Polska Strefa Furry ("Polish Furries Area," also known as PSF) was a community run by and for Polish furries.


From January 2006 to December 2006, NickerEquinian created the forum "PSF" at the address http://www.fora.pl. Around New Year the forum was modified to a fully functional website and got a new admin (Hepek). The site was moved to the new address http://www.furry.pl (This server was also owned and regulated by Hepek). The website was constantly modified and patched to improve its user interface. When the new site was inaugurated, the old "Polish Furries Area" forum that had served the community until then was discontinued.

In March of 2007, Raavi joined the PSF and had a lot of wonderful ideas. A few of these would bring to real life to the site. The website was moved to a professional server, and an upgraded connection. However, sometime in May 2007, moods of the Orga Team(Organisation Team) members were failing because of communication problems. Everyone was obsessed with their own ideas, unwilling to incorporate anyone else's, and the result of this was clear. The initial forum continued to be available for browsing until the Summer of 2007, when all content was officially removed.

"PSF" was taken down in Summer 2007, and all of the database and website removed. Officially "Polska Strefa Furry" had died.


In June/July 2007 Hepek and Dusty Yote became friends and rebuilt the O.T.(Orga Team) as Euro Furry Tech Team(the managers of the EuroFurry web site, especially from the technical side). Ryan Furrier and Wolfoks joined this team.

Everyone from O.T. has their own tasks, but one target:


In August 2007 website had a short, four months test under the new internet address: http://www.furries.pl Dusty Yote, sometimes known as Kira Althane, worked for sometime under the Euro Furry project's dedicated server and IT infrastructure. EF and PSF were connected together, and admins worked on them in parallel.

The "eng.tran.Polish Furries Zone" was to include a forum, and a bunch of EuroFurry modules, like fully multimedia gallery, MMS/multimedia transport, manageable email system, etc.

After all tests in December 2007, the system was totally halted; during the New Year party of 2008 the O.T. got new targets, ideas, etc. Afterwards, the EF tech.team bought a dedicated "backup" server, I.C., which was modified for greater speed. Finally O.T. went dead for December 2008/January 2009.


The community's mascot went by the name of Filipek, owned by SoulflyRED, and designed by Coyotek.

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