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PJ Skunk, also known as Spring Rain Otter and as Rain Mathy on Second Life (born June 17, 1982), is a transgender (MtF) furry lifestyle, DJ, and gamer who lives in Waupun, Wisconsin, USA.[1]


PJ Skunk's hometown was Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where she had lived most of his life before meeting her mate on the internet. His mate passed away on New Year's Eve 2016 of Esophageal cancer, which had remained undiagnosed until it was too late for treatment.

Fandom involvement[edit]

PJ Skunk has been in the fandom since about 1997, via her interest in werewolves.

Her first furry event was a New Year's party in 2001 at the house of TSA member Phil Geusz, who is a good friend of her, while her first ever furry convention was Midwest FurFest 2002.

She is also the operator of Otterlandia Radio.


PJ Skunk's first fursona was a skunk for most of her time in the fandom, but in 2000 she adopted Raine Otter (a female otter) as her current fursona, now named DJ Spring Rain Otter (she DJ with this character on Second Life at Club Furnication).

Convention attendance[edit]


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