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The PDXFurs is a loosely organized, often ad hoc, furry community based in the Portland metropolitan area, and often includes participants from Vancouver.

The name PDXFurs, is a portmanteau of the airport code for Portland and "furry fandom". The portmanteau was created by the late Blackberry.


In 1994, Blackberry compiled a list of Portland-based users of FurryMUCK. Baloo Uriza hosted a mailing list initially populated by users from Blackberry's list. Non-MUCK users soon joined. The mailing list helped locals develop and organize events, such as fursuit walking tours, and park meets. Little from this period is preserved or archived. A second mailing list, hosted by Yahoo! Groups was created in September 2000.[1] The Yahoo! Group was the first to use "pdxfurs" as a username, however the name was used by the community before then.

The "PDXFurs SNARK" Google Group was created in 2009 by users who were banned by the moderators of the "pdxfurs" Yahoo! Group. SNARK remained active until 2014.

As Facebook became popular, many groups and pages were created on the platform. Some used "pdxfurs" in their titles. Very few remain active today.


Many events and groups have used the name PDXFurs online, however this use is not exclusive to any event or group. No one entity or person owns or controls the name at present.

Legal name[edit]

"The PDXFurs Group" was registered as a non-profit public benefit entity in the state of Oregon, by Saph on 16 October 2012. However, the entity was dissolved 13 December 2013, for failure to submit an annual report.[2] The name was then registered as an assumed business name by the PDXFURS Association on 13 February 2015.[3].

Online presence[edit]

A PDXFurs website (pdxfurs.com) was registered sometime before 2005, by Blackberry.[4] The domain then passed to Sardonis, until it was acquired by Saph in July 2011. On July 2013, the site went offline for failure to pay for hosting, and an affiliated Twitter account was also deleted. The site returned several weeks later.

However, the site was again taken offline in Feb 2017, and now points to a generic page. Saph is no longer the owner of the pdxfurs.com domain.

IRC channel[edit]

#pdxfurs has existed as a registered and unregistered channel on several IRC networks. The most recent iteration is hosted by Furnet. The channel has become inactive.

Social media[edit]

The "pdxfurs" username is registered on several platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, LiveJournal and Instagram. The usernames are controlled by the individuals or groups who registered them.

Meets and events[edit]

The most well known event was the bi-weekly meet at The Roxy Diner in Portland, create by the SNARK group. A companion event was sometimes hosted the same day at the Brickhouse Bar & Grill in Vancouver, Washington.

A weekly lunch meet, which alternated between El Indio Mexican Restaurant in Portland and La Hacienda Real in Beaverton, is no longer active. A coffee meet at Ava's Roasteria in Beaverton has been held infrequently since its inception in 2012. Other frequent events such as arts & crafts jams, and a weekly women's meet have existed in the past. Other events include: an annual Thanksgiving dinner hosted by Serena, Oregon Zoo visits, camping trips, and carpools to the Oregon coast and Mount Hood. A weekly mall meet hosted by the Rose City Furs is still active.[5]

There is no official events board for announcing events. Locals make heavy use of social media to promote their events.


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