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PAINWOLF, by Ivybeth.

PAINWOLF, also known as PW, PDub, and P-Dubya and more recently BigPapaPAiN is a furry artist living in Indiana, U.S.A. His fursona is a direwolf with fox-like markings who also is a werewolf. He also has a female version of his main direwolf character. With several other characters, such as Vincent or Vince who is a wolverine, and a few more.

He is the fiance of Lyenuv and currently enrolled in college studying Aviation Maintenance and Engineering. He's already has two previous degrees, one is an AS in Culinary Arts and a BS in Entrepreneurship Business. Also currently holds FAA licenses for Airframe maintenance and repair along with a Flight Instructor rating.

When he's not at school, working on aircraft or at his job working as a mechanic at one of the two oldest Honda dealer in the united states, He plays father to his two kids, a 2 year old and a 3 year old. Prior to the birth of his 3 year old daughter he was a full back for the semi-pro rugby team, The Wolfhounds. Prior he was an Ice Hockey player in his hometown of Ithaca New York, After moving to Los Angeles California he switched to Baseball and played threw all 4 years of high school receiving MVP during all 4 years of playing.

PAINWOLF's interests include tattoos, fursuits, Rugby, Boxing, Ice Hockey, Aviation, Motorcycles and extreme sports.

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