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PafCon flyer from FWA 2010

PafCon is an attempt to set up an actual Las Vegas PafCon furry convention based on the its fictional counterpart, which appeared in the murder mystery series CSI.

At Further Confusion 2010, several dropcards were seen by Turin Aramaia mentioning a date of 25-27 February 2011, indicating this website as a portal for the convention details, if it comes to fruition. Flyers were also distributed at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2010 and Furry Connection North 2010.

As of late November 2010, the website no longer mentions a specific date, saying only "coming to Las Vegas in 2011". The absence of information or announcements one would normally expect in advance of a convention has led some to speculate that the convention is a hoax.

As of late January 2011, the website gave an "untrusted connection" error message due to the SSL certificate expiring, but the website was still accessible. As of June 20, 2012, the website is no longer available.

External links[edit]

  • PAFCon website (Web Archive copy)
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