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P.Pardus is a furry who lives in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.[1] He creates fursuits. P.Pardus is the founder of Camp Feral!.

Convention activities[edit]

Pardus has had a long involvement with Camp Feral!. He is credited with being the driving force behind the original camp when he brought together Terry Wessner's idea of various furry workshops with Silfur's idea of a furry Summer camp.[2] Pardus was part of the original Camp Feral committee with Terry Wessner, Silfur, Benjamin, and Wilykat.

Pardus is a Production Assistant for Neofelis Communications.


P.Pardus is a fursuit maker, and has made commissioned costumes for furries.[3] His own fursuits include Fire Leo, a red and yellow feline who featured as a Subservient on the Funday PawPet Show.[4]

Pardus also bodypaints animal designs.[5]


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