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P.I.S.O.C. (Purging Inhuman Sexual Orientation with Christ) was a humorous website created by Portal of Evil member theBD (who also used the handle furie4jesus) that parodied various 'religious intervention' sites. Using many quotes taken from actual ministry websites (but twisted around), the website purported to 'teach' Christians about furries and 'Fursex Attraction Disorder' (F.A.D.).

The site was run by 'Pastor Roose' (the surname a take on ruse). He claimed that he had been a pig and the pet of a caramel-colored vixen, until he was 'saved by Christ', beat his former girlfriend nearly to death, and started a ministry. The full 'story' was a pastiche of the stories of many televangelists, with a uniquely PISOCy twist.

Although written in the style of the King James version of the Bible, most of the 'biblical quotes' in the site were from fake books of the bible, and altered to appear genuine.

The site linked to various sites run by Landover Baptist, but PISOC had no formal connection to the church .

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Furry 'facts'[edit]

Among the fictional facts presented in the site:

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