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Oz Kangaroo
Oz Kangaroo at Midwest Furfest
Duke as worn by Oz Kangaroo

Oz Kangaroo (born 28 August 1984) is an artist and fursuiter who lives in New York, USA and is married to Mozee. His main fursona is a rotund kangaroo, wearing a red cap and a green shirt. The character is usually depicted inflating like a balloon. Oz's other character is Duke, a German Shepherd who loves to dance. Duke has very distinctive "angry" eyebrows and wears a red, leather collar with his name on it.


Oz maintains two online galleries of his furry artwork; some of his art depicts furs in a comical state of inflation. There are several other galleries of his art online, though he has abandoned them to focus solely on his deviantART and Fur Affinity accounts. Oz discovered the fandom in 1999 and became active a year later.


Oz Kangaroo ran Critter Country, a costuming business which built costumes and had costumed performer(s) for hire. They built fursuits for furries and mascot characters for corporate clients. Oz's company continued to grow, with ever-larger corporate clients adding Oz-commissioned mascots to their company's image. Within the fandom, Oz has built fursuits for Macroceli, Raccoon Drew, Duncan Roo, Nbowa, Ristin, Brok Badger (mascot of ConFuzzled), Blue, and the late Tzup. Plus many more.

Oz also ran Squeak Latex, a latex rubber clothing/costume business that included animal costumes.

Oz's collection of fursuits has grown and changed over the years with suits that have came and went. Though, he is mainly seen wearing his own costume version of Oz as well as Duke. He has also produced an inflating/body expanding version of the Oz suit which has been used in skits at furry conventions with humorous results.

Oz first "fursuited" at Further Confusion 2003 in a borrowed fursuit called Kijibwa, an African hunting dog made by Brokken. Though he had been pro-mascoting in Australia since 1998.


Oz has appeared at Further Confusion, Furry Weekend Atlanta, Midwest Furfest and Furry Down Under. Also he was set to be the Guest of Honor at Oklacon 2008, but later unfortunately had to back out, due to work commitments.

Oz is an organizer and creator of the Gold Coast convention FurDU (Furry Down Under).

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