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Oxide Crux at Biggest Little Fur Con 2019
Riven Husky, drawn by KitsuneKit

Oxide "Bartholomew" Crux, also known as Oxide or Oxi (real name Kyle White, born December 19, 1988), is a fursuiter and gamer.


Oxide has a total of 14 fursonas. Each of them has their own distinct personality and charm.

Most of them is kind of inactive, however. Only the active ones are shown.

  • Riven Husky - Riven J. Husky was actually the first fursona that Oxide had. He was once fit and toned, he wanted a bit of fat to even things out. The machine that was supposed to help him malfunctioned, turning him fat. He is also the mascot to Husky Husky Studios, a fursuit making studio owned by Oxide and his friend Zener Coyote.
  • Gick Sergal - Gick is an alien species that is native to the Planet Vilous. His lifestyle is that of a party-goer.
  • Coheed Ratson - Coheed is a rodent, a rat that loves cheese. He had a sister named Cambria, but she left some time ago.
  • Lumer Fizgerald - Lumer is a rabbit with a white lions mane and a flame symbol on his upper right arm. He sometimes enjoys being a diaperfur. He loves the experiments given by the same crazy scientist that hatched Oxide.

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