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First use of the furry version of "OwO" online
The first popularized image meme of "OwO" used

OwO, also stylized as owo, as a furry term, is a chat emoticon and meme used in furry text-based conversation and roleplay, normally with a sexual connotation, sometimes as a trolling term.[1] The two Os represent wide and open eyes, and the w represents a cutesy anime-styled mouth.


An alternate to this term is the UwU emoticon, borrowed from kaomoji, a type of Japanese emoticon which incorporates special characters used in Japanese writing. Kaomoji is considered kawaii, or "cute”, and often draw on anime and manga. UwU is a simplified form of the kaomoji emoticon, “(o・ω・o)”.[2] This emoticon is also used as a more passive one, using closed eyes instead of open ones.


  • OwO can simply be used as an emoticon in text-based chatting.
  • Play-on words and puns involving OwO and UwU are noted (e.g. fursuwuit; a pun derived from the word fursuit).
  • Furries sometimes use "OwO" in response to something sexual, implying excitement or interest.

Origin and spread[edit]

The earliest known furry use of the emoticon was on January 6, 2013, on DeviantArt by user CookiMuffinFaic. It received over 130 views, 3 comments, and 3 downloads in about 3 and a half years.

On June 24, 2015, MinotaurusPro uploaded a parody comic of two grotesque furry fans sexually roleplaying to Imgur. One of the two characters shown comments in response to a message he received with:

awwww!~ *nuzzles u back and pounces on u and notices your buldge* OwO what's this..?".

The post garnered a positive response and gained attention within the furry fandom.

Memes mimicking the original post followed soon after,[citation needed] with content such as recreations of the origin, and puns involving UwU and OwO emoticons. A video by Seelmaru was uploaded in 2019 featuring a song based off of a spinoff from the meme's origin.

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