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Outlanders are lions introduced by Disney's Simba's Pride (a sequel to The Lion King), and are very popular in the Lion King fandom.

Their male designs derive from that of Scar's, but the females look remarkably like Pridelander females.


Outlanders, referred to in the movie only as "Outsiders", even by themselves, are portrayed as dark lions that usually have pointed, black noses, although they may very well have pointed pink noses or rounded triangular noses. The Pridelanders, the golden lions with red manes, have pink or brown wedge-shaped noses.

Outlanders, with the exception of Kovu, typically have longer paw digits to facilitate gesticulation.


Outlander males have brown or orange fur, pointed black noses, and black manes. They do not have two-colored masks over their eyes like the Pridelanders or female Outlanders, but rather a dark brown. They also have a tendency to have brilliant green eyes, and Kovu and Scar both have scars over their left eyes. This scar is also applied to fan characters, such as Kisasian.


Outlander females look very much like the Pridelander females, but often have pointed or triangular noses and tan or grey fur as well as dark masks like those of Vitani's and longer snouts.

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