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Our World

The principal characters of Our World. From center: Pete Whitecross, Art Canfield, Jill Whitecross. Inset: Alex Wilder.
Author(s) Kuurion (creator, artist)
Captain Video (writer)
Update schedule Biweekly
Launch date Launch: December 3, 2010
Joined The Katbox: February 17, 2014
End Date Indefinite hiatus as of January 21, 2018.
Officially retired on June 24, 2018.
Genre Drama, humor, action
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Our World is a webcomic mainly following the lives of four main characters who start the story living in the seaside city of Selicia. It normally updated on a biweekly basis, hosted by The Katbox. On January 21, 2018, Captain Video stated on the main page that the webcomic will be placed on indefinite hiatus so he and Kuurion can address other matters.[1]

Our World was officially retired on June 24, 2018.[2] While Our World is still posted in the Katbox archives, it may be removed soon since the site is no longer hosting webcomics as of mid-2019.


  • Jillian Whitecross (dog) is the first character introduced. She wakes up one morning as a teenager on a beach with no memory of her prior life. The story then jumps ahead a decade to her life as a metallurgist. She is very quiet and subdued compared to her adopted brother Pete and his best friend Alex.
  • Peter Whitecross (rabbit) is Jill's brother by adoption. He first met her on the beach when she woke up. She was adopted by his family, and they live together in the city. Pete sometimes attempts inadvisable things, but is not go hunting for excitement the way Alex does.
  • Alexis Wilder (cat) was Pete's best friend before his family moved to Selicia. Unlike Pete, who has become accustomed to the city and finds it dull, Alex is hyper and finds each new experience something to be explored in a very hands-on way.
  • Arthur Canfield (red panda) is a friend Pete made in the Selicia school system. Art is very much an introvert, and is to Pete what Pete is to Alex. He plays the bassoon and works in the hardware department of a hardware store. His life is very unexciting, something he is happy with.


While the site was originally hosted at its own domain site, problems with the site in December 2013/Jan 2014 prompted the creators to move to The Katbox. When the comic started appearing on The Katbox, it started from the beginning. Some of the pages feature new art while others were reused from the original run.


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