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OtterTunes is a Shoutcast radio network run by Oren Otter and his friends. It features a wide variety of material, including about 30% comedy, but also featuring electronic music, jazz, classical, oldies and more.

It is also the home of two "web-sonics", internet-based audio plays. These are Otter Island and TF&F Help Desk. OtterTunes is always on the lookout for other websonics to add to its lineup.

OtterTunes began as ROVR Radio - the in-house music system for OtterBooks.

OtterTunes was turned into a Shoutcast station in order to showcase the work of intependant musicians and comedians, expanding upon the mission of OtterComics to showcase to work of comic artists.

The station also serves as the online home of the Riverside Players, a group of voice actors who perform a number of shows, both furry and non-furry.


OtterTunes employs a large number of interesting characters, both real and fictional, as deejays. These include a fair mix of human and furry.

  • Sirajul: the hip hindi.
  • Mujibur: Sirajul's pal who can't has a silly honking voice when he's wearing his retainer.
  • Fuzzybutt: A squeaky little hamster who loves Jazz and hates mushy stuff.
  • The Disgusting Twisted Imp: Host of the "Evil show", in which he plays songs about dismemberment, nazis and cross-dressing lumberjacks. All in good taste, of course. The imp may or may not be a rabbit in real life.
  • Rashad the Excitable: A hyperactive black man whose mouth works faster than his brain.
  • Doctor Mellow: Host of the Mellow Show whose hypnotic voice is most instrumental in sending listeners to slumberland.
  • The Whale: Host of the whale song show. In some of the whale songs, his voice can be heard issuing a warning that if one listens to whale song too long, one might just become a whale.
  • Zeppo the Rat: A pet rat who steals his owner's broadcasting equipment and broadcasts his own show filled with furry comedy songs.
  • Chaos Otter: The slightly shy, stuttering otter who also appears in Journey to the Bottom of the Multiverse.
  • DJ units 13.1 and 13.2: Two computers who battle for supremecy as they host the Tech Block.
  • Cute Pink Bunny: A pink female bunny who hosts an hour of love songs and has a thing for Stinky Bob
  • Stinky Bob: A opossum who hosts the Redneck Hour and has a crush on Cute Pink Bunny.
  • Biff and Cliff: Two stupid jocks who host the comedy block.

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