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Cover of Otters In Space.

Otters In Space by Mary E. Lowd is a young adult science-fiction novel available through Smashwords since July 2010.[1]

The synopsis for the novel reads:[2]

Otters In Space
Humans have left the Earth, and dogs rule. Kipper is an oppressed tabby cat who dreams of a better place where cats are free to run their own lives. When Kipper discovers a secret that might lead her to such a paradise, along with the secret comes trouble— first, Kipper's sister disappears, and, then, she's attacked by a dog goon herself. Kipper's escape takes her on a mad dash to Ecuador and the space elevator, where she catches a ride up to the otter-designed space station. Once in "otter space," Kipper must navigate an uncomfortably watery world to find out what happened to her sister and whether there really is a cat paradise.
Otters In Space

The novel includes cover art by Doc Marcus, and was nominated for Best Anthropomorphic Novel in the 2010 Ursa Major Awards.[2]


Cover of Otters In Space 2.

Otters In Space was followed by Otters In Space 2: Jupiter, Deadly, which first went on sale at Anthrocon 2013 over July 4-7.[3]

The synopsis of Otters In Space 2 reads:[4]

Otters In Space
Spies! Jet packs! And a water-phobic feline surrounded by otters! IN SPACE!

On her way back to Earth, Kipper the tabby cat finds her plans derailed when hostile vessels attack friendly otter ships orbiting Jupiter. The Jolly Barracuda flies to the rescue, dragging the hapless tabby even farther from home and embroiling her deep in the beginnings of an interplanetary war.

Meanwhile, political turmoil on Earth forces Trudith, the dog goon turned bodyguard, into a serious moral quandary—how far will she go to protect her alpha cat? Soon every cat and dog on Earth is wondering, will a cat be the next president and will Kipper make it home?

Otters In Space

The sequel also features cover art by Doc Marcus.[4]


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