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The Otter Island Radio Show is a series of Internet audio plays, based on the Otter Island story world created by Oren Otter. It is produced by the Riverside Players group, headed by main writer/director Oren Otter and sound engineer Eala Dubh. Seven episodes have been produced so far; most are concerned with events surrounding the Nageel invasion of the island, and its subsequent consequences.

Episode list[edit]

  • Drifting: Amanda the doll has a disturbing dream about a little girl adrift on the ocean. Is it just a dream, or are her telepathic powers bringing her the shadows of something more?
  • A Place In The Sun: Sheldon and Truman are two zoo otters from Russia looking for a warm place to live, which turns into a life-threatening adventure.
  • Peals Of Thunder: Tim, a visitor from a robotic dimension, faces a trial by fire when he joins the Coastal Patrol on the eve of a full-scale nageel invasion.
  • Aftershocks: Hala and Chrissy run away from home, only to find themselves in serious danger. Meanwhile, Malcrum learns the story behind Kemal's treachery.
  • For Want Of A Stone, part one: Pan, Picado and Oliver make a strange new friend on an expedition, while another comes under threat from Nexicul at home.
  • For Want Of A Stone, part two: With the magician out of the picture, the race is on to retrieve the stones and establish allies before Nexicul's tendrils become established.
  • The Origin Of Amanda: Amanda recounts the disaster that overtook the Hundredth Vale, and how she became a living stuffed toy.

Cast and crew[edit]

Key players and their recurring characters include:

  • Oren Otter (Oren, Amanda, Grant, Tim the android, Ophelia the toon, voice of the Island)
  • Eala Dubh (Tak, Truman, Olivia the toon, Nageel Emperor, Nexicul)
  • Ashen Fox (Blalok, Sheldon, King Mij)
  • Kaninus O'Ferrel (Malcrum, Gabriel, Seyna)
  • Wanderer Wolf (Flaire, Pan)
  • Ann Vole (Cafe, Farron)
  • Benny Brownpaws (Cafe from episode 6 onwards)

Supporting members include Timelord, Jude The Rat and Robert Phelps.

The main title and end theme, used from episode four onwards, with opening narration, is provided by prominent furry composer Chama C. Fox, replacing a previous piece of music borrowed from Peter Howell of the old BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Incidental music for the episodes is borrowed mainly from another Radiophonic Workshop composer, Paddy Kingsland.

As making the series has been a learning experience for all concerned, the earliest episodes are scheduled to be remade at a convenient time as the sound quality since then has improved substantially.

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