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Oshi (born August 30, 1984), is a cosplayer, fursuiter, and fursuit maker from suburban Philadelphia, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Oshi has been cosplaying since 2002, and making fursuits for cosplay since 2007, but did not explore the furry community until 2015 after years of exposure to it via Monoyasha and Origami Gryphon. He does not entirely identify as a furry, mostly just enjoying the style of costuming, and will often refer to himself as the "Cosplayer with a Fursuit Problem."


While known elsewhere for his Pokemon fursuits, he represents himself in the furry community with a teal, black, and light blue manokit, although he does not consider this his fursona. The fursuit of his manokit (debuted Furthemore 2017) was made by SushiNom Suits, and the kigurumi/onesie (debuted Midwest Furfest 2015) is self-made.

To date, he has made 26 fursuits, 12 of which have been Pokemon, but only one has not been a cosplay: A black, red, and purple manokit similarly patterned to his own, made for his girlfriend, Lady Ava. He does not regularly take commissions, and accredits his work as a singular artist without a separate studio name.

Convention attendance[edit]

As of Furrydelphia 2018, he has attended a total of 150 anime, gaming, and furry conventions.

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