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This page is about the person called "Orion". You may also be looking for Strider Orion.
Some people just have too many conbadges

Orion, full Orion Wolf, is a fursuiter who is married to fellow fur Moonlilly.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Orion is a convention-goer known for his large collection of conbadges, numbering over 300 as of Midwest Furfest 08.[citation needed] He typically displays his favorites on the front and back of his coat, the rest being stored in a binder.

Orion is also known for "badge flashing" people at conventions. While he has a plethora of badges on the outside of his attire, he has nearly as many on the inside as well. He faux-flashes people to show off the hidden badges by parting his coat, revealing the hidden artwork.


Orion's fursona is a wolf.

Convention attendance[edit]

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