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Origami Gryphon (born December 1, 1982) is a furry artist, fursuiter and fursuit builder who is stationed in Fort Meade, Maryland, working in the U.S. Air Force as a Personnelist. She first started making fursuits in 2008, but was introduced to furry by her brother, Blue Hayze, when she was twelve.


As of April, 2010, Origami has created three costumes. Clint the Shoebill was her first fursuit, a partial created in 2008 and debuted at Anthrocon 2008. Overwhelmed by ultra-cute toony suits, she strove to make something ugly and not cute. This backfired somewhat, as the costume was still marked as cute by some. It features follow-effect eyes, arm wings, and a movable hard bill made with celluclay that makes a distincitve clacking noise. His name was suggested by her husband, after Clint Eastwood, star of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Blue Hayze the Lion was her second fursuit, a blue lion partial created for her brother as a representation of his fursona. He debuted at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2009, but the head was taken back by Origami Gryphon afterward to fix some eye issues, and returned for Anthrocon 2009.

Skurd the Halloween Cat was her third fursuit, again a partial. It was created on a whim for something to wear for Halloween 2009. It is a simple black cat with orange ears and whiskers, yellow follow effect eyes, moving jaw, and claws painted like candy corn. The paint used in the eyes, claws and whiskers is UV reactive.

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