Org's Odyssey: A Tale of Post-Human Earth

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Org's Odyssey Second Edition Cover

Org's Odyssey: A Tale of Post-Human Earth (ISBN 0595316794) is a fantasy novel written in 2004 by Texas fantasy writer Duke Otterland and originally published by iUniverse. The book had a second printing at, but appears to no longer be in print.

Plot summary[edit]

The novel is set in an Earth far in the future, where a race of beings known as Anthropians, animals with anthropomorphic characteristics, dominate the planet which they have renamed Anthropia.

The protagonist is Org Odysseus Otterland, an albino half-deer half-otter with white wings, gills, golden antlers and a furry dolphin tail. Org feels lonely in the world, despite the friendship of Camellia Carmichael, his chameleon friend and true love. When the forces of Malice Island destroy his country searching for him, he sets out to find the Seven Heroes of Asgard and their Runes to battle the Seven Satans, servants of the Sin (renamed the Nidhoggr in the second edition), the Dark Warriors of the Holy Kingdom of Niflheim and free Britannia.


Org's Odyssey is set in Anthropia, a fictional world set in post-human Earth. Earth had originally been abandoned by space-faring humans. Anthropomorphic creatures appear after a seed of Yggdrasil lands on the earth. Insects are not granted this treatment; instead they grow to very large sizes and are used as a source of food and for transportation. Characters will ride giant crickets for ground transportation and giant flies for transportation by air.

Continents are named after mythological, primarily Norse influences, including Ymir (covering what was North America), Latina (covering what was Latin America), Yoric (covering what was Europe), Orient (covering what was Asia), Titania (covering what was Africa), and Oceania. Modern day cities such as London retain their names.


Most reviews of the book (and its sequels) have been highly negative. Negative responses have come from inside and outside of the furry community. It has been accused of lacking flow in description, with an often overuse of flowery language, sometimes even using certain words in a completely wrong context. The story's fight scenes are said to lack impact or convincing strength, and often serve to a formula rather than creating a unique scene. Its characters have been described as having little personality, poor description that relies entirely on physical aspects rather than personality, bad catch phrases, poor dialogue, and frequent repetition. Overall most reviews consider self indulgent to its author, boring, long and repetitive. Its childlike plot and characters have also been a staple of negative reviews.

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