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Oren Otter (or Oren the Otter, a.k.a. Eric Vary) is a story writer and (mostly comic) artist, focusing on the topic of transformation. He is creator of The Changing Workplace, Oren's Monastery and Otter Island, among many others.

Britanny Greatbear is a pen name of Oren Otter derived from his real name and his Shoshone name.

A prolific writer and cartoonist, Oren's first comic to appear online, The Changing Workplace, was based on people at TSA as well as references to The Blind Pig or SCABS storylines and of course Metamor Keep. His second major comic strip, Tommy and PJ (now drawn by Ashen Fox) was based on the highly complex Intense Universe, which includes concepts for some of his lesser-known projects, as well. In addition to a very hectic comic strip schedule, he now heads up a webcomic syndicate called Moonbase Comics, incliding Pandora Comics and is the proprietor of the Otterbooks Bookstore. He is also the operator of the webcomics emporium, and is currently the head artist of Intense Comics, a team of artists and operators who produce more than 20 comic titles including Room For One More, Magimals, Castle Horsetooth, Orwell's Gas Station and The Fluffles.

He also is a devout Christian, and uses Oren's Monastery as a kind of ministry outlet. In fact, this comic has given rise to the online church known as the Christian Furry Fellowship. Oren is the former pastor. Oren also runs the Shoutcast radio station OtterTunes.

As a character, Oren plays two roles. In Otter Island, Oren is an otter who has been transformed into a human by an evil tree-spirit and led to believe that he has always been human. As his memory slowly filters back, Oren dreams of his life as an otter and creates a comic strip in which he is one. After three years, Oren is returned to the Island and his original body.


As of 2020, Oren has stepped down from being active in the fandom due to illness and deteriorating health.

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