Oren's Monastery

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Oren's Monastery is a webcomic by Oren Otter which could be considered a sequel to The Changing Workplace.

A new direction[edit]

While there is no shortage of transformations, talking animals, and other strange creatures, not to mention a good dose of silliness, Oren's Monastery is a rather more introspective strip as compared to Oren's earlier offerings. References to webcomics by other artists are basically nonexistent. Borrowed characters are limited almost exclusively to close friends and associates of the author/artist. Like The Changing Workplace, Oren's Monastery is largely autobiographical in nature; in this sense, it reflects a desire on the part of Oren to seek deeper religious commitment as a minister of his Christian faith.


The story begins as Oren expresses a desire to find fulfillment in his life that he feels he lacks, which brings him to the door of St. Fred's Cathedral. In short order, the abbot is turned into a fluffy little bunny rabbit, and a cast of very unusual monks and nuns is introduced. As for story arcs, one might say there have been two to date: the first, in which the full cast is slowly introduced, and the second, which is nearing its close as of this writing.

One other thing that could be said about Oren's Monastery is that it represents an attempt to present Christianity in a down-to-earth manner without being "preachy" as well as to buck negative stereotypes about Christians and Christianity.

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