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Order of Potter's award image.

The Order of Potter, also known as OOP, was the "Internet's most pointless award," as described by its creator, former furry artist Eric Blumrich. This award (in honor of British children's book author Beatrix Potter) recognized the conspicuous merits of publications and individuals, but it was divided into two specifically distinct categories: funny animals and politics.

Funny Animals[edit]

The OOP was awarded on this category to those people or institutions that contributed significantly to the advancement of "funny animals" as a legitimate and respected genre. The recipients were (by timeline):


This "category" was to award those who "showed prodigy in the ability to simultaneously possess high office and an IQ in the double digits,"... For those who missed it, that was "sarcasm". The recipients were:

The awards ended its run in 2002, after Sonny Windstrup's Kobot.net server went off-line permanently, taking with it Blumrich's "Party Headquarters" hosted web page, where the OOP official page resided.

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