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Orangina (pronounced as "Oh-ran-ZHEE-nah") is a French brand name of sodas of orange flavor. Its bottle has a shape of a pear, although outside France the shape has been altered to resemble a regular bottle.

The brand has been known for making unusual and interesting commercials, usually involving people dressed up as Orangina bottles and performing eccentric actions. One commercial involved a homicidal man dressed up as a bottle, attempting to kill a family lost in a forest. It was supposed to say that the drink was made from the "blood of oranges".

Advertising campaigns[edit]

Anthropomorphic characters dancing in the 2007 Orangina advertisement


In November 2007, an advertising campaign for Orangina featured anthropomorphic animals selling its product. A computer-animated commercial featured a scantily-dressed doe and a bear (with a leaf to cover his groin).

It also featured other anthropomorphic animals like cougars in spotted speedos, chameleons in chippendale outfits, flamingos, rabbits, pandas, giraffes, a female octopus (a pun in French where pulp and octopus share a similar word[1]), gaudy female peacocks (despite only the male of that species usually having the well-known decorative tail-feathers), and even anthropomorphic plants.

The commercial featured the furry characters dancing around a sliced orange and Orangina bottles; some scenes showed subtle hints to eroticism.

Two versions of the commercial exist. One is the regular version (which lasts for 1 minute) and the other is an extended version (which lasts for 1 minute and 45 seconds, having more "erotic" scenes).


Orangina 2007 commercial - French version (HQ)

Orangina commercial - The Making Of (HQ)

There have been new commercials since the original Orangina that involves the dancing anthropomorphic animals. One features a male muscular feline in tribal wear drumming the Orangina bottle (while giving an aroused look on his face), finally splashing the contents of the bottle off (ironically giving an orgasmic feel). Another features a cowgirl horse riding the bottle, but with sexual innuendo given. Then there's the commercial with a female giraffe chasing a human skater due to the color of the shirt. Finally, there's a female hyena laughing with other women when a woman in orange blouse slipped from their view.

An advertisement for Orangina Red also exists, with a male human in the middle of a circus ring being forced to strip by a black panther.[2]

2010 (Naturally Juicy)[edit]

In year 2010, Orangina launched a new advertising campaign featuring anthropomorphic animals, where the drink is used to parody some commonplaces of advertising. Sexual innuendos however disappeared in this new campaign, that rather plays on humor.

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  • There are only few males ever shown in all commercials - the bear, along with chameleons and cougars, the indian mountain lion, and, in their French website, a rooster. All of them are muscular in build and wear very little clothing (like speedos or, in the bear's case, a leaf to cover the groin).


  1. French word for "pulp" is "pulpe", while "octopus" may be translated as "poulpe". The pronunciation is quite similar too.
  2. Orangina Red "Bloody" Commercial on Youtube

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