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Orange Orange is a kangaroo character in the Macropod Madness webcomic by Kelvin the Lion.


For many years, she was under a mysterious sugar curse, caused by the mischievous Pipix Cheshire, that made her desperately crave sweets. This had the effects of making her seem ditzy, stunting her growth, and suppressing her ability to attempt magic.

However, after a nightmare gave Orange an intense fear of pizza, she had an encounter with a spirit in the form of a Pizza-Pac. Conquering her fear and mustering an appetite for pizza, she ate the spirit. This neutralized the sugar curse she was under, causing her to belch out the evil spirit that was responsible for the curse, along with the spirit in the form of the Pizza-Pac-- which Lemon then caused to chase Orange, so that she would lose the weight she had put on eating all of the Tree Ninja's pizzas. Orange's fear of the Pizza-Pac returned, and she was chased to Weirdiran, where she met with Surrealia. While trying to call home, she was made queen as the result of a flip of a coin. In order to call home, she decreed, as Queen, that all phones should once more be legal. After all these events, Orange remains a beloved character on Marcropodian, with an adventurous attitude.

Webcomic arcs[edit]

In one short comic, Orange has also had adventures in Chocolateland a fantasy-dream place she found herself in after falling asleep in a particularly boring science class. After quite a short but sweet dream, she was awakened by her teacher, and answered aloud a question correctly against all odds, somehow inspired by the Chocolateland dream.


Orange has a sister, Tangerine, and her parents are Red & Lemon Orange. She is perhaps best friends with Jenna Grape. As of the last New Year's party, Orange had also become acquainted with Lune the funk.

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