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Orange Furry
Author(s) rekel
Status Active
Launch date August 10th 2013
Genre forum

Orange Furry is a website/forum for Dutch furries and their foreign friends and launched on August 10th 2013 by Rekel. The forum has a broad focus from hosting furry/fursuit events to showing art.


While at launch date it was the fourth Dutch forum, it had a completely different philosophy compared to the other Dutch fora: It tries to offer the same cosiness and openness which was present in the past at the Dutch furry fora.[1] This simply means that everyone is accepted and not judged on what being a furry means to an individual (hobby/lifestyle or sexual/non-sexual) with the only exception being misbehaviour (either on the web or in real life).

The contents of the forum where not visible to guests, and members who didn't write an introduction.

A second reason was the fact that Furry Weekend Holland was looking for a new forum to have its board hosted.

In January 2018 the forum was shutdown, and replaced with a Telegram group. [2]


The registration process might seem to be the opposite of being cosy and open. But the reason every member needs to be approved by an administrator, is to keep spambots and the occasional hater outside.

After approval, the new member needs to write an introduction before the new member can view the rest of the board.


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