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Ookami Kemono is a furry artist. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, USA,[1] he lives in Quebec, Canada.

Ookami's fursona is an albino wolf.[2] He was the guest of honour for What The Fur 2014.[1]


Having two parents who specialize in the art field, Ookami, during his early years, spent most of his time drawing instead of doing his homework.[1] Mostly self-taught in pencil and ink techniques, he studied the basics of drawing anatomy from watching various cartoons and reading Japanese mangas.

Ookami's illustrations soon reached numerous published children's books, CD covers, television, and game magazines. Later, he found a talent for both stop motion and cell animation. He graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and, soon after, his furry graphic novel Concealment was published by Rabbit Valley. [1][3] He is currenty working on his new comic series Lucid's Dream[4]


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