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Lucky the Evil Dog (born 1975) is a fursuiter from Illinois, U.S.A. He is particularly associated with two fursuits - the red Lucky Dog, and Ooga Chaka, a "Purple Furry Eater". Lucky was a guest of honor at Midwest FurFest 2008, and will be returning in Midwest FurFest 2009 with the other guests as part of their 10th year celebrations.


Fursuits made or owned by Lucky include Lucky Dog, Puppeh and Ooga Chaka

Lucky Dog[edit]

Also called Clifford's Evil Twin by Further Confusion staff, this suit debuted at FC 2004, costing $65 in materials and intentionally designed as big, baggy, and fun. To date, approximately 30 other people have had the chance to wear the suit, including 22 people who had never worn a suit before.

Lucky Dog has also appeared at Midwest FurFest 2004–'08, Anthrocon 2005–'07, Califur 2007, Furry Weekend Atlanta 2007–'08, and Furry Connection North 2008–'09, as well as Anime Central '07–'08 and anime conventions in Atlanta.


Luck's first and only attempt at using plastic mesh to make a head. The suit cost $50 to make, and was given to Karmadragon as a thank you gift in 2007. The suit has been seen at Midwest FurFest 2005 and Anthrocon 2007–'08

Ooga Chaka[edit]

Also known as the Purple Thing, and the Purple Furry Eater, Ooga has two loves; eating people's heads, and scaring people during the fursuit parade while everyone else laughs hysterically at the victim. The idea was to make something fun, and use the idea of anthropomorphism to create a character that was specifically not an animal but could still be fun and entertaining - and make people smile. Ooga Chaka took approximately one month to complete and cost $95 to make. There are hoops in the belly to give it the round shape, and different levels of ties inside the suit to make it adjustable to various heights of wearer.

Ooga debuted at AC in 2006 and returned for the next two years, also visiting MFF 2006–'09, FWA 2007–'08, Califur 2007, and FCN 2008–'09. Outside of the fandom he's participated in Chicago Halloween Parades, Chicago Boystown Halloween Parades, Roaming about Chicago for the heck of it, has judged one Costume Contest at an arcade, and joined the 2008 New Years Eve Masquerade Ball in Indianapolis, Indiana (where he turned out to be the only costumed character in attendance as it was a black tie ball). As of June 2009, 63 people have worn the suit, including 31 people who had never worn a suit before.

Convention participation[edit]

Lucky hosts performance panels with his friends at every convention he attends. Topics covered include: "How not to be a coatrack", "How to take care of yourself when you suit", "Performance Basics and Advanced", "How to be a Fursuit Lackey", "How to walk in a Fursuit Parade", and "How to bring out your Character". He loves to help other fursuiters bring their characters to life.


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