Onyx (Jewel Vixens)

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Onyx, by Jodimest

Onyx is a character in the webcomic Jewel Vixens. At age 30, Onyx is by far the oldest and, once one can get past her stern attitude, she's also the wisest. Onyx takes the role of a sniper in the group, but in down time she also tends to be the mother-figure, comforting the hurt and stopping quarrels within the team. Onyx was raised in an Irish town where beer and brawling were commonplace, giving her enough experience to hold her own if threatened. She and Sapphire had been close friends even before they each were kidnapped, and the two frequently help support each other when times get rough. She met Sapphire long ago during a group photoshoot, and the two soon became best friends. Her homelife before then, however, seems to be a rather tense subject for her, so the team doesn’t really bug her about it, despite their curiosity. Aquamarine soon learns that before the team was formed, she was married and had raised three kits with her husband, although Onyx never mentions why she is no longer with them. Some of the Vixens wonder if it has anything to do with her preference to spend her nights in a nearby guest house instead of the main house with the rest of the girls.

Phys. Description[edit]

Onyx is a silver fox with black fur. Where the fur would normally be the dark-colored “gloves” and “boots” on red foxes, her fur is a pure white. Her headfur and her tailtip are also pure white, but her two thin bangs are tipped with black. Her eyes are gray in color. Onyx is another tall fox, but much thinner than Ruby. Her left ear has two earrings in it, and for clothing, she's like Emerald in that she’ll occasionally show off her midriff; usually an open vest, a tank top, and khakis. She’s the oldest in the group, but not visibly old yet, still having a good bit of youth in her. Onyx is also very strong, and her physical appearance shows it with some noticeable (but not overtoned) muscle.