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The following is a list of online furry conventions from around the world, listed by officially announced attendance figures from the most recent year available. Each convention is listed only once. There is also a list of in-person furry conventions by attendance.

Convention Year Platform¹ Virtual Attendees² Registrees View Count
Furality Online Xperience 2022 VRChat 15,079 15,079[1] -
Virtual Anthrocon (Anthrocon 2020) 2020 6,153[2] None -
Furnal Equinox 2021 VRChat 3,722[3] 3,722 1,800+
VBLFC 2021 NeosVR 1,120[4] 1,218 -
Megaplex Online 2020 Hopin - 571[5] 30,309
980 peak users in Telegram chat
Furry Weekend At-Home 2020 Twitch None None 14,048[6]
RAMCon 2020 Discord None 541[7] -
Brasil FurFest Night 2020 YouTube and Discord 1,935 - 4,557
IndyFurCon 2020 2020 Stream and VRChat 1,356 1,040 -
DEFCON Furs 2020 2020 Stream and VRChat - None 1,117

¹ Platform: the primary social media service, livestreaming application, or visual online space used to portray the majority of the convention.
² Virtual attendees: the number of participants within an area of an visualized online space, such as a video game, or virtual reality social platform. This is a total count of individuals across the span of the convention, not the amount of 'visits' an area has received.
- The statistic was applicable, but not reported.


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