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Omnibahumut (born November 26th, 1985) is a fursuiter who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.[1]

Omnibahumut's fursona is a dragon and his fursuit character is Andes Wolf. Andes was built by Lacy and CloudPouncer.[2]

Omnibahumut is the Graphic Designer/Publications Director for Furry Connection North convention. He also works for a TV station in Philadelphia as a Graphic Designer.


Omnicon is an invite-only furmeet held in Orange County, New York, U.S.A., in the Summer. Most of the meet attendees road-trip from Philadelphia, PA, or the New York City area.


Originally meant as a weekend road trip to visit family and introduce a few fellow furs to a local Frisbee-golf course, the first Omnicon in 2009 had 15 attendeess, and was hosted by Omnibahumut's family.

Some of the inaugural attendees were Omnibahumut (and family), Coreno, Kiric, turtyl, Kojac, Finnish Fox, Keapano, Raff, and Athugas.



  • Headline event - A trip to Brakewell Steel Disc Golf course
  • The Castle Fun Center for go-kart racing, mini golf, and laser tag
  • Pool/Swimming games
  • The con-closing brunch
  • Side trip to Mitsuwa

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