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Olven (born October 22, 1984), is a furry artist who lives in Prague, Czech Republic. Her fursona is a spotted lioness.

Olven has twice been a winner of the popular vote in the Eurofurence T-shirt design contest: at Eurofurence 11 (with Alpha_Ki) and Eurofurence 12 (with TaniDaReal).

Furry life[edit]

Olven started creating furry art in early 2001 and joined the community in late 2003. Her first fursona was a red panda, then she became a jaguar, and through this evolution she finally became a lioness. Though furry means only a life inspiration for her, she likes to spend her time with her furry friends and attending various conventions.

Furry art[edit]

Olven has never studied arts and everything she does she had to learn by herself. She started drawing anthropomorphic animals in early 2001, starting with Hopi the ringtail. Later she created Rikka the ringtail who became a mascot of the FuzzZone website she created together with Lweek and Tabbiefox. Her style is not very clear for she uses a wide variety of media from pencil, colored pencils, markers, aquarell watercolors to mug paints and digital paint. Her drawings are mostly clean, her style mixing realistic elements with cartoony character shapes.

Conventions attended[edit]

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