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Ollie Canal, or just Ollie, is a furry artist and writer from Canada.[1]


Rym is a storyworld created by Ollie Canal. It exists as a set of fragments on multiple websites, created under the label Lutrai Design. The author intended it as a world-building project suitable for use in an RPG, but provided information on the setting in a variety of formats: statistics suitable for Dungeons & Dragons rules, stories, art, and even psychological diagrams.


Ollie Canal is the creator of various anthropomorphic species, mostly for the world of Rym. These include:

  • The hoomiku - Highly intelligent felines
  • The lutrai - Good-natured otter-like humanoids (as featured on Lutrai Isle on Tapestries)
  • The koba - Simple reptiles with a herd mentality
  • The cepn - Bat-like beings with a culture focused around death
  • The skole - Pack-oriented lupine warriors

Did you know?: There is a waterway in Lafitte, Lousiana, USA,[2] called the Ollie Canal.


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