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Oldfreek, also known as James Ward (born September 23, 1961,[1] in Titusville, Florida, U.S.A.),[2] is a furry artist and puppeteer who lives in Rossville, Georgia.[1] His fursona is a wolfbear.[3]



Oldfreek started drawing when he was eight or nine years old, mostly copying figures from Silver Age comicbooks.[2] Encouraged to draw by his parents and uncle, Oldfreek took art classes in high school, where he learnt shading and shapes.

He went to Art college in Atlanta, and Community College, continuing to hone his art skills and acquiring an Associate Degree in Advertising Art.[4] Oldfreek began attending conventions, where he had the chance to talk to other artists.

Oldfreek paints on virtually any object, but has made a speciality out of painting on feathers. In July, 2009, he released a DVD entitled "The Art of Feather Painting".

Fandom involvement[edit]

When Oldfreek eventually discovered the furry fandom, he began drawing furry art. He also began attending furry conventions, where he often takes part in puppetry events and panels. On September 23, 2007, Oldfreek hosted the Chattanooga Monthly Furmeet at his home.

In 2009, a design by Oldfreek was chosen by the director of Mephit Furmeet 13 to be printed on the back of the convention's offical T-shirt.


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