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old fangs is a 2009 short animated film which was directed by Irish film director Adrien Merigeau[1] and released by Cartoon Saloon[2].


The film shows a group of three friends - a wolf, a fox and a cat - who drive toward the woods, and then walk into the forest as the wolf recalls having lived there as a child. The wolf happens upon a house in the middle of a grassy clearing, while his two friends wait at the edge of the clearing for him to come back. The wolf walks into the house and sees a much larger wolf - apparently, his drunk, derelict smoking addict of a father - and sits at the table across from his father. The house is clearly in a shambles, and the father attempts to foist a cigarette onto his son. Flashbacks show how the young wolf, when he was younger, looked on as his father hunted a buck, grabbed the buck and broke his ribs, and also showed his mother observing him playing in the woods.

Eventually, the wolf slowly walks out of the house, as his friends wonder what happened in the house. The three start to wander in the opposite direction, but the wolf, clearly traumatized, begins to weep and run in a meandering direction as flashbacks show how his mother had gathered her things and taken off from the house with the young cub in tow. The film ends with the elder wolf weeping and seething in the house.

The film is dedicated "for andreas" in the credits.


The full length of the short film, at 11:30, was available on the Sundance Film Festival account on YouTube until March 3, 2010, when it was made private[3]. It was made available for public view later in the summer of 2010 on Vimeo[4].