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The Oklahoma Association of Anthropomorphic Arts (also known as the OAAA) was a federally-recognized 501(c)(7) not-for-profit membership organization founded in 2004[1] to oversee sponsored events in and around the state of Oklahoma. OAAA was the organization which produced Oklacon, Oklahoma's annual furry convention, and also organized charity events in association with the event.

At the conclusion of Oklacon 2008, the present, elected officers of OAAA, Wolff, BlueOtter, Horses' Ghost, as well as a long-time organizer, Cutepuppy, announced that none of the officers would seek re-election for OAAA and would instead work to produce Oklacon under a newly formed business entity. The membership was invited to continue the organization by nominating different individuals for office, but no nominations were submitted, and at the end of the fiscal year, with no successors nominated, the then officers voted for the dissolution of OAAA pursuant to its bylaws and transferred the assets to the convention charity, Safari's Interactive Animal Sanctuary. Safari's then invested the assets into the newly formed legal entity, Fuzzy Productions containing many of the same individuals who had participated in the leadership of OAAA over the years, to continue the production of Oklacon.

Reasons cited for the change in organizational structure included shortcomings of OAAA's charter and bylaws with respect to problems gaining the required votes to make routine decisions regarding logistics, and convention planning with stakeholders increasingly distant from each other.

Founding members[edit]

OAAA was founded with the help of several members of the Oklahoma furry community: Akita Inus, Baral'heia Stormdancer, FirefoxBC, Horses' Ghost, Togo Sleddog, and Wolff.


  • The first General Membership Meeting of the OAAA was held on Saturday, 6 March 2004 at the residence of the then-current president, Horses' Ghost.
  • The original name of the organization (as chosen by Baral'heia Stormdancer) was intended to be the Oklahoma Association for the Anthropomorphic Arts. The name put before a vote was instead the Oklahoma Association of Anthropomorphic Arts.


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