Festival of the Feral

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Festival of the Feral

Festival of the Feral was the name of the first furry convention in Oklahoma and the first outdoor furry convention in the United States, which took place from October 31 through November 2, 2003[1]. During the initial planning meetings in the summer of 2003, the name was selected to make reference to feral animals, an allusion to the fact the convention took place at the secluded Roman Nose State Park in Watonga, Oklahoma, USA.

Change of name to Oklacon[edit]

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In 2004, a representative from Ontario-based Feral! sent a cease and desist letter to the Oklahoma Association of Anthropomorphic Arts, the newly-formed not-for-profit organization created to oversee the planning of Oklacon, requesting them to change the name so as not to dilute the Feral! trademark in the furry convention world. After some debate, OAAA's membership obliged and voted to change the name of the following year's convention to Oklacon 2004, which had been previously used as a working title for the first convention. Feral! and Oklacon share a good relationship today, and at Oklacon 2005, several representatives from Feral! came down to present a game of Predator and Prey at Oklacon.

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