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Oki Doki Coyote, real name Bob Burns, is a fursuiter who lives in Edmond, Oklahoma, U.S.A.


Oki's original fursuit was constructed in August, 2008, by Natalie Delcid of My Fur Creations. Put up for bid on Furbuy, the costume was touted as a "Coyote hybrid (Coy-Dog or Fox)", with the decision of its true species left up to the purchaser. The suit was sold as both a full and a partial.

Bob Burns bought the suit with Furbuy's "buy it now" option, and received it two weeks later (on September 10) via U.S. Mail at his work place. The suit came with two tails, a full set of leggings built on sport shorts, full sleeves, hand paws, a full body suit, and head. The feet were custom built.


Suit distinctions[edit]

Version 1 The pattern itself is a simple two color fur. Dark chocolate brown and a cream tan make up the primary markings. A single white paw print is sewn as a "tattoo" on the right hip. Its meaning is strictly esthetic. A white streak of fur divides the head between the ears. Eyes are bright yellow, the mouth has a pink tongue with four distinctive canines~top and bottom. Plantigrade legs, padded paws-outdoor feet bottoms for good traction. Baklava construction head-Front zipper-not built for "fun".

Version 2.0 Full Digi-grade construction on the legs complete w/ removable padding. A white diamond of fur was added to the chest fur. the pattern for the arms and legs have been stream lined for a more natural pattern. The head was completely redesigned for a better fit-more ventilation,improved vision,a moving jaw and no upper canines. Small magnets hold the back neck separation in place to give a seamless look the head from behind. Smaller, more defined paws match the new foot paws design. Round,simple dark claws adorn both costume parts with special attention given to there point as not to be sharp. Parade sandles became essential as the foot paws have leather paw pads on the soles. the new body suit has a back invisible zipper and added "ease of use" front seam for bathroom breaks. The tail was shortened and the fur pattern extended down to its end. Another feature is the tail zipper to add batting should the original contents settle from activity.

The name[edit]

Being an Oklahoma native species, Bob decided to make the character a full bred Coyote. He wanted something that would roll off the tongue and be memorable. Recalling a Jim Carry quote from Ace Ventura, Bob put the two phrases together and liked the way it sounded. "Oki Doki" was unique to the fandom and to mascots-he was free to copy right the name and call it his own. The trademark "cackle" laugh evolved naturally as the character developed.

Version 2.0[edit]

In late 2011 the original suit was retired after three years of extensive use and many repairs made by others in and out of the fandom. Two tails-three sets of hand paws-and feet rebuilt twice, Bob decided the suit needed to be replaced completely rather than a rebuild. Hidden Arts studio of Wichita Kansas has the task of bringing the new Oki Doki into the world. Merkindesr Tiger brought Oki 2.0 to life spending over 90+ hours hand sewing most of the suit. Delivered on Valentines Day 2012. Eris Valgen donated her time, talents and materials to revamp Oki's head, paws and body suit before the costume was offered up for bid. Version 1 found its new home after a charity auction @ wild Nights Convention in 2012. The proceeds have been donated to the future betterment of the con. Rogan Coyote is the proud new owner/keeper of the suit.

Roller Derby[edit]

January 2009 The historic Farmer's Market in Oklahoma city would be the location for the "Shout" benefit for Breast cancer research~Bob was asked by survivor J.T. Poe-Hawk to Mascot for the event to entertain the crowd and the kids in attendance. The coaching staff and Roller derby girls approached him after the bout about being a part of the team full time. A Roller derby mascot did not exist in the W.F.T.A.(Women's flat track affiliation) league until Oki Doki joined the team. He has been with Tornado Ally ever sense,traveling with and supporting the organization. He leads the "wave"-taunts the opposing team-leads cheers for team members and has recently began to dive into the audience off the top of the bleachers. He calls himself a "full contact" team member. Known as the golden rule of mascots, he breaks the "third wall" by talking in suit. Jersey number: 100% In Early 2012 Oki Doki was recruited by the Green Country roller Girls of tulsa Oklahoma. He accepted the position until the team disbanded after the team Captian and her husband we're recruited to a National team in Dallas. Returning to his original home team, the coyote has remained to the present day.


  • Furry Fiesta-Oklacon-Wild Nights-MFM FurFright

Fursuit performance- mascoting 101- Therian practices- dance 101- fursuit care etc. Oki enjoys volunteering his time to help new suiters make the most of there experience.

Oki was the "fursuit performer guest of honor" at Wild Nights 2014.[1]

The Pack~Sinners and Saints[edit]

Self proclaimed "Alpha",Oki formed Sinners and Saints to be seen as an example of what a true pack could function as. Seeing an opportunity to bring unique personality together to mutually benefit from each others collective life experiences and companionship. Sinners has been greeted with praise and criticism equally where ever they gather. Oftentimes perceived as "exclusive" in a fandom known for its open acceptance, Sinners and Saints members understand the reasons for its closed status. A "come one-come all" open invitation for members would defeat the reason and intent of the packs formation.


  • First place-Dance contest, Oklacon 2008
  • First place-Dance competition, Furry Fiesta 2009
  • 3rd. place dance comp. Furry fiesta-2012
  • Featured fursuiter in Iron Artist contest, Wild nights, 2010
  • Featured team member~Program-T.A.R.G. 2009-10-11 (Get to know-10 questions-Special Thank you)
  • Halloween appearance with "Rumble" of the NBA Thunder-News channel 4 A.M. to promote upcoming charity bout. (St. Baldrics for kids cancer research) Oki shaved his head for the cause along with six other Roller Girls.
  • Volunteer of the year, 2011 T.A.R.G. Roller Derby


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