Ohiofurs Annual Meets

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OhioFurs Annual Meets
Status Ongoing
First iteration 2011
Organizer(s) NekoHaiku and Bomba
Subject Furmeet, Outdoors and Fursuit Bowling

Ohiofurs Annual Meets are annual and monthly furry meets held in the state of Ohio, United States starting in 2011.


FA OhioFurs group has been active since early 2011 with NekoHaiku Totally reworking the page, Running meets as the Annual Ohiofurs Kings Island (KI) meets Which first attracted 25, Then the second meet had a count of 53 furs. This meet is being held at Kings Island Located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Monthly Ohiofur Bowling meets are hosted by NekoHaiku And are also located in and around Cincinnati, Ohio. So far the attendance levels of the bowling meets have reached or exceeded 45 furs, The meets are all day events and start with Lunch ether a grillout or during the winter a restaurant, Bowling, A break for dinner and Sometimes a movie at a local theater to finish the evening off.

Attendence levels and dates of events[edit]

Tracking of events and numbers started by NekoHaiku on January 2013. Only the monthly Bowling Meets and the Annual Kings Island meets will be added:


  • June 2011 - OhioFurs 1st KI Meet, hosted by IKO - 15
  • August 2011 - OhioFurs 1st KI Haunt, hosted by Neko - 28


  • June 2012 - OhioFurs 2nd KI Meet - 53
  • August 2012 - OhioFurs KI Haunt Meet - 34
  • December 2012 - OhioFurs 1st WinterWonderbowl - 46


Annual meets

  • June 2013 - OhioFurs 3rd KI Meet -
  • August 2013 - OhioFurs 3rd KI Haunt Meet -
  • December 2013 - OhioFurs 2nd WinterWonderbowl -

Monthly meets

  • January 2013 - 45
  • February 2013 - 56

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