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The Oh! Pawpets! Logo from Season 3, featuring the character Bwing T. Fewwet peering through the letter O in Oh!

Oh! Pawpets! Show is a group of puppeteers composed of SonicBlu and Wolfdog.[1] The Oh! Pawpets! Show broadcasts live every Saturday night from 6pm to 10 PM(EST).


The Oh! Pawpets! Show began as a spin-off from the show PA Pets Live, which was a spin-off of the show Utah Pets. Oh! Pawpets! started its first stream in May of 2009. During Morphicon that year, SonicBlu and Wolfdog were returning to the hotel room with SonicBlu's friend KenFox among the group. At this time, SonicBlu noticed Wolfdog was carrying a puppet whom would later turn out to be the character Bwing T. Fewwet, aptly named for the amount of "bling" he wore around his neck. SonicBlu couldn't resist providing a voice for the ferret puppet, and began to talk using a higher-pitched voice with a slight speech impediment, commenting on how uncomfortable it was to be carried by Wolfdog in such a bizarre way. Once the group had entered the hotel room, KenFox handed the ferret puppet to SonicBlu with the suggestion, "if you're going to do it, you might as well do it right." SonicBlu immediately began to puppet a routine with the ferret puppet, which was the first time anyone witnessed SonicBlu performing a routine with a puppet. Wolfdog saw the potential in SonicBlu to become a puppeteer.

That Saturday night during Morphicon weekend, Wolfdog and SonicBlu returned to their nearby apartment and hooked up the video equipment that enabled the former puppet show, PA Pets Live, to stream via the internet. A test episode of the Oh! Pawpets! Show was recorded, but not aired, marking the test run as Episode #0. Once Wolfdog was satisfied that the new location was successfully able to stream a puppet show, the new program was given a name, and The Oh! Pawpets! Show was born. Bwing T. Fewwet was the first and only puppet to be featured on the show. In the duration of the show's first year, SonicBlu provided voice and puppetry for 3 puppets.

Other Crew Members[edit]

As the Oh! Pawpets! Show ran its first season, the show consisted of SonicBlu, Wolfdog, and DarkWolf, formerly of PA Pets Live. As the show's creator, SonicBlu tried to keep the show creative and comical by bringing in new ideas, all of which remained nullified from the inabilities of being able to accept direction by the other actor. Halfway through the show's second year in 2010, Oh! Pawpets! added Sajin Candour and Rune Wolf as a new actor and stage hands respectively, Sajin immediately took to the show with great enthusiasm, and his puppet characters consisted of a husky named Sajin, a fox named Cryo Jennix, and a playful dog named Slobber the Spaniel. SonicBlu immediately saw Sajin's ability to be spontaneously creative, and immediately accepted him as a new cast member on the spot, with Rune helping out the show as an extra assistant. Around this time, DarkWolf's appearance on the show became less frequent, until he finally declared that he was no longer going to be a part of the show due to personal reasons, and removed his puppet characters completely from the cast lineup, allowing SonicBlu to regain creative control to turn the show into a less adult-oriented program, and was then able to direct the actors to participate in more thought-provoking routines. A couple of official theme songs for the show's introduction and closing sequences were featured, and the ratio of viewers quickly increased after the new changes took effect.

Toward the beginning of 2011, Oh! Pawpets! sadly released Sajin Candour and Rune Wolf from the live show, and SonicBlu was left to do the puppetry and voice acting alone, with the aid of Wolfdog's off-camera commentaries. By this time, SonicBlu provided voice and puppetry for 11 different characters, and decided to take over as the voices of Cryo Jennix and Slobber the Spaniel in Sajin's absence. While Sajin was away from the studio, he continued to be a part of the cast by submitting video logs entitled, "The Flamin' Shamin' Vlogs of Sajin", in which his puppet character would talk about anything on his mind, followed by a review of the spiciest products he could find. Sajin would comment on the spicy product, and would grade its placement on the Scoville Scale, thus filing the products on a "Wall of Flame" or "Wall of Shame", depending on how hot the product really was.

In February 2011, Oh! Pawpets! relocated their studio, where the show continues to run for two more years. The Oh! Pawpets! Show reached the interest of Max Goof by June of that year, whose prior puppetry experience was noticed by SonicBlu, and Max Goof was immediately accepted as a new cast member of the show, bringing along his own puppet characters: Ozark, Hayseed, George, and Twitch. Max Goof's appearance on the Oh! Pawpets! Show was sporadic during the time of his involvement with the show, due to the busy schedule he keeps.

In October 2011, Sajin Candour returned to the studio as a full-time cast member, where he resumed his role to help with the show's live streams and productions. By January 2012, SonicBlu has provided voice and puppetry for 28 characters, some which utilized altering personalities and voices with the same puppet characters. The crew would perform together until the show's fifth season in 2013, when unavoidable circumstances would separate Sajin and Rune from the Oh! Pawpets! cast once again. Much to the dismay among the show's cast and viewing audience alike, these changes were more permanent. Despite their regrets of their departures, Sajin and Rune never returned again. By the show's fifth season, SonicBlu provided puppetry and voice for 36 characters.

Reverting back to a duo act, SonicBlu and Wolfdog changed location in 2013 shortly after Sajin and Rune's departure from the show, where the studio space looked very promising, providing the crew with a larger area for set design and filming purposes. Oh! Pawpets! reached its sixth season by this time, and had decided to induct the voice acting style of their roommate Mike Stanley as their co-actor. Mike would appear for the show for a couple months, until a huge altercation erupted among the other roommates, and his departure from the building quickly ceased his involvement with Oh! Pawpets! altogether. By the late summer of 2014, the Oh! Pawpets! crew were forced to separate due to improper living situations, but Wolfdog and SonicBlu continue to work together from a distance to ensure that the Oh! Pawpets! Show would continue to exist. Wolfdog moved back home to Utah where his first show Utah Pets started, while SonicBlu moved in with his partner, Roninkin. In the show's new location, SonicBlu continued to work diligently on film and video projects for the show, while Wolfdog and Roninkin would take turns as the show's technical coordinators, and this new format would remain in effect to the show's present day as of the year 2017. By this time, the Oh! Pawpets! Show entered its ninth season, and SonicBlu has provided voice and puppetry for an alarming 92 puppet characters.


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Oh! Pawpets! Pwoductions and the Paw series[edit]

Oh! Pawpets! Pwoductions was founded in 2010 during the show's second season, when the cast began working on more elaborate video segments, full-length motion pictures, features, commercial spoofs, and music videos for the Oh! Pawpets! Show, some which have been seen on the Funday Pawpet Show. In October 2010, the Oh! Pawpets! crew decided to put together a parody spoof of the Saw movies to air on their Halloween episode. The deadline was set with only four days to film, edit, and finalize before the Halloween episode was to be aired. Working rapidly, SonicBlu, Sajin, and Rune shot 5 video sequences of some of the Oh! Pawpets! cast being tied up in various traps and given a test as an ultimatum of life and death to escape them. The rest of the action was portrayed during the live show. The result was Oh! Pawpets! Pwoductions' first comical horror spoof called Paw. After Paw was aired, Oh! Pawpets! viewers wanted to see "more blood and gore", so by 2011, the crew began filming a more serious sequel, removing all comical elements that would normally constitute a work of parody, and adding more horrific scenes in its place, thus resulting in a complete re-write of the original film. Paw II turned out to be Oh! Pawpets! Pwoductions's first full length motion picture, and the film was released on DVD in January 2012. The Oh! Pawpets! crew returned to the studio that month to begin filming a more proper version of the first Paw movie to follow closer to its sequel, and the new revised film was released onto DVD in April 2012.

Connecting and Submitting to the Show[edit]

The Oh! Pawpets! Show encourages its viewers to actively participate in the show's broadcast in various ways. In particular, several recurring segments are specifically aimed to involve participation from the audience. The preferred way to submit content during the show is via Email, or in the show's IRC chatroom. All submissions are expected to meet the show's MPAA PG content rating to be featured on-screen. The Oh! Papwets! Show Official Website details the many methods of which to send content to the show for airing, and the following types of viewer content are featured during the show's broadcast.

Viewer's Choice Videos and Pics[edit]

Viewers are encouraged to submit videos and pictures during the show's live segment "Viewer Choice Videos and Pics". This segment enables viewers to show off their talent as artists or video makers, but the segment also allows links to funny YouTube videos and various photographs of a comical or strange origin.

Screen Capture Challenge[edit]

Every episode will feature a chance for viewers to take screen captures of the show and manipulate them, add captions to them, or whatever they wish, in order to deem the screen capture comical. Contest entries are submitted via email. All the screen captures sent in by viewers are collected, and toward the end of the episode, the viewers are asked to vote on whichever screen capture is the funniest. The winning entry will have their screen capture image displayed on the Oh! Pawpets! website until the next time a contest is run.

Mad Libs and Art Libs[edit]

One of the show's regular segments is the Mad Libs. Typically, two mad libs will be held - one with words provided by the viewers in the IRC channel, and one with words from the crew present in the studio (and characters on the stage). Viewers are encouraged to use entertaining scenes and ideas in the mad libs as inspiration for visual art and submit it to the show via email. Submissions for the Mad Libs Art Jam, or "Art Libs" for short, will be shown on-screen and commented on at the end of the show before the Screen Capture Challenge. Art Libs submissions are excluded from the viewer voting and will be featured permanently on the website's gallery.

Subservient Fursuiter[edit]

Sometimes one or more fursuiters are present in the studio and a Subservience segment will be held. During the segment, viewers present in the IRC channel are encouraged to propose actions they would like to see the fursuiter(s) perform.

Talent Search[edit]

Talent Search is the Oh! Pawpets! Show's variety show, featuring performances sent in by viewers and fans of the show, and would also include musical acts by the cast members. This segment is hosted by Oh! Pawpets! character Wolfgang Sebastian Bark. Viewers are encouraged to make videos of their own talents by way of music, singing, dancing, stand-up comedy, magic, or anything visual, provided that all material is coming from the effort of the submitter.


Oh! Pawpets! Cast

  1. The Cast. Retrieved June 6, 2011.

Crew: Past & Present[edit]

  • SonicBlu is the creator, director, writer, editor, producer, and lead actor of the Oh! Pawpets! Show. His live acting counterpart sometimes makes an appearance on the live stream, and hosts the featurette "Cooking with SonicBlu", where he shares his own recipes with the viewers. SonicBlu's live acting counterpart also plays the role of "Jigpaw" in the Paw film series. (Years active: 2009-present)
  • Wolfdog is an actor, commentator, technical coordinator, and key grip. (Years active: 2009-present)
  • DarkWolf was a puppeteer. (Years active: 2009-2010)
  • Sajin Candour Fluxx was an actor, best boy, and assistant technical coordinator. Although no longer a part of the live crew, he makes occasional video and voice submissions to send to the Oh! Pawpets! Show whenever possible. (Years active: 2010-2011; 2012-2013)
  • Rune the Wolf was the show's stage hand, assistant, commentator, and director of photography. (Years active 2010-2011; 2012-2013)
  • Max Goof was an actor and productions extra. (Years active: 2011)
  • Mike Stanley was an actor and productions extra. (Years active: 2013)
  • Roninkin Darkfold is a commentator, technical coordinator, key grip, and camera operator. (Years active: 2014-present)

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