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Oggywolf - April 2010.
Oggywolf as herself - August 2009.

Oggy Wolf, also known as Octavia Wolfe,[1] is a furry artist from Anaheim, California, USA Her fursona is a hybrid white Mackenzie Valley Wolf, leucistic chihuahuan raven. Oggy's species is said to be a Valravn , which is a Danish word used to describe a half wolf and half raven beast.


Growing up in Orange County and San Bernardino County, Oggy won her first art award at the age of 6.[2] Competing in a logo design contest for Blockbuster Video, she won the national challenge. Her design was used in an ad campaign for Blockbuster the following year. At the age of 13, Oggy won Best of Show and Best in State for her watercolor and pencil work. Having completed four years at a private art college for Media Arts and Animation, Oggy returned to school to further her education spending another four years at a major university studying Art History and Cultural Anthropology. She is currently working as an art historian, freelance for hire artist and is working in the entertainment industry. Oggy has designed logos for the Walt Disney Company and private businesses.

Oggy's first appearances were at parties held by Tess The Red Pony in Garden Grove, California. Oggy has said that she found the fandom because of the Gargoyles and Anime fandoms, as well as an ex who thought she should, "Check out the furries, because they sound like something (Oggy would) like."

Conventions and Fur Meets[edit]

She has attended Califur from Califur 0 to Califur 2017, Further Confusion 2008 to Further Confusion 2011, displaying and selling her work in the art shows. She was also on staff for Califur as part many various departments. She was a shadow Co Chair of the convention from Califur 6 to Califur 2016. She left the Co Chair position in 2016, as she felt the convention was headed in a negative direction. http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/7628901/ For Califur 2017, she ran main stage sound. Oggy can be found at various conventions, including Anime Expo, Blizzcon, E3, PAX and various Comic Cons.

Oggy Wolf attends house parties at the Prancing Skiltaire on occasion and can also be found at the SoCalFur FurBQ each year.


Oggy can be found within the game Second Life as Oggy Wolf, where she is an admin for the sims Wolf Valley and Meeting Island. She also plays World of Warcraft.


  1. Oggy is mentioned as "Octavia Wolfe" in this report on her friend Stalking Cat passing away.
  2. Oggy's articles showing her awards as a child.

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