Tales of the Fehnnik

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Tales of the Fehnnik, is a comic story written by Elin Winkler. It exists as a one-shot (with artwork by Pat Kelly), published by Antarctic Press; and as a two issue comic series (with artwork by Scotty Arsenault), published by Radio Comix. It has appeared most recently in the anthology comic Furrlough, with Steve Gallacci penning the artwork.


The story takes place on the fictional desert planet of Fehnnia, which is populated by a race of anthropomorphic fennecs called Fehnniks. The nobility, which is made up of houses, pledges its allegiance to the Emperor. The males in Fehnnian households, are expected to bring honour to their houses by fighting for the Emperor, while the females are expected to marry well, and guard home and hearth.


The story stars, Shayzeri, the stubborn daughter of noblefurs, Shayerik, and Zerista of the house Zodd. Because they know that she would react poorly, they decide to publicly announce her eligibility for marriage over a grand dinner. During the feast, Shayzorr, Shayzeri's twin brother arrives home from a long campaign with news of war with a new enemy who had launched a devastating surprise attack on a Fehnnik garrison. Upset at her parents' action, and jealous that Shayzorr would soon be going off planet again, Shayzeri locks herself in her quarters.

During a visit to a brothel, that night, Shayzorr breaks his arm and leg while jumping out of a window to avoid a jealous patron. His mother and aunt Thissta hide the scandal but its revealed that Shayzorr would not be able to fight. Shayzeri conceives a plan to go to battle as her brother while he stays behind to recover.

Temar (of Shayzorr's personal cadre) trains Shayzeri to convincingly take Shayzorr's place as an odonata gunner, while Shayzorr has to go to their aunt Thissta's finishing school for young women disguised as Shayzeri. Meanwhile, Lord Zerast, anxious to find and exploit any weaknesses in his political rivals, the Zodd's, dispatches his daughter, Vorihni to Thissta's to spy on "Sheyzeri".


An odonata is a space worthy two-furson vehicle used for battles in the Elin Winkler's Tales of the Fehnnik comic. The gunner sits in the front and the pilot in the back in what appears to be separate cockpits.

The one-shot[edit]

Entitled, “An Alliance of Houses”, the story takes place when Shayzeri and Shayzorr were kits. After breaking up a fight over a toy sword, the kits' mother, Zerista, tells them the story of how she met their father, Shayerik. This was the first Tales of the Fehnnik story published.


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