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Hex Husky and Mush, by Mary Mouse
Hex Husky in the park; suit by Ognas

Hex Husky is a network engineer and fursuiter born October 11, 1983 in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. He lived for a time in Gresham, Oregon, but as of 2015 he resides in Lynwood, Washington. Prior to March 2014, he was known as Odious (or Odi). He has an associates in Computer Science Application Engineering with electives in arts and audio engineering.

Hex's character is a grey-and-white husky with white and grey hexagon-dapple markings, who enjoys raves. He is sometimes seen with a harness and dances with glow-poi.

Hex has attended Biggest Little Fur Con (2014-2016), Furlandia (2014-2015), RainFurrest (2008-2015), Everfree Northwest (2015), Further Confusion (2006, 2015), Califur (2007) and Conifur Northwest (2004-2005), as well as the Fetch NW, When Furballs Strike and Fur The Record parties. He collects plush and inflatable toys.

Older characters[edit]

While not a shapeshifter, Hex developed several different fursonas; as of 2006, he considered himself to be primarily an otter, but over time he became more interested in wolves and huskies. His characters have historically worn tribal attire, consisting of a pair of painted feathers worn behind the ear, a claw and crystal necklace, a gold braided armband on the right arm, and a red logo band on either tail or left leg. They may also wear bodypaints, bracelets, anklets, or leather belts and pouches.

  • Odious Kangaroo: As a kangaroo Odious is a nonmorphic tribal Golden Kangaroo (macropus auricomus) which is a fictional species. Odious Kangaroo has been Odious's primary fursona for some time.
  • Odious Wallaby: Odious's account name on Second Life and eventually spawned a spinoff character of Odious's usual kangaroo form as a chibified wallaby. The artist Firebringer has depicted Odious's chibified wallaby form. As an otter, Odious is a male tribal anthropomorphic Northern River Otter (lontra canadensis). This form appeared shortly after Odious joined the Second Life community, due to the difficulty of creating a nonmorphic kangaroo avatar.
  • Odious Chibifox: A male charcoal colored tribal feral fox using the Ninja Weasel Studios chibifox Second Life avatar by Whinge Languish.

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