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Oddeofreq (pronounced "audio freek") is a furry crafter who lives in central Pennsylvania, USA.[1]


Oddeofreq is a snow leopard. His coloring is traditional, except his rosettes are a metallic silver. He is a little shy, very derpy, and often hyper. His fursona is a furry version of his actual self, right down to the coverage of his spots. His eyes and tips of his ears and tail are black, but his eyes have a silver tint. In artwork, at first glance it appears that the drawing is in black and white, until you see his blue-tinted glasses.

Oddeofreq has an affinity towards metal, preferably "non-threatening" metal (as in, nothing pointy, or skulls or weapons). He wears some skeleton keys on his wallet and on a chain around his neck.


Oddeofreq makes and sells yarn-tail keychains.[2] With Hazel (also known as The Pink Fennec), he is the co-owner of Prise Creations on Fur Affinity.[3]


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