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Odd Taxi (stylised as ODD TAXI) is a 2021 anime television series. Prior to being broadcast on television, a manga from Shogakukan (via Big Comics) began publication on January 15, 2021. It is of furry interest as it is set in a world of anthropomorphic animals.


The search for missing cat schoolgirl and backup singer from the new idol group Mystery Kiss puts walrus taxi driver, Odokawa in the spotlight, since camera footage from a grocery showed she was last seen getting into his taxi. Odokawa also has to contend with Yakuza that want to use his taxi in a heist and a corrupt police fur looking for the missing schoolgirl's whereabouts.

List of characters[edit]

  • Hiroshi Odokawa (walrus) - The series protagonist. Generally asocial, he likes listening to talk radio on and off the job.
  • Miho Shirakawa (alpaca) - A nurse working for Dr Gouriki. She sells drugs from Gouriki's clinic on the side to pay off a debt to the Yakuza.
  • Ayumu Gouriki (gorilla) - Odokawa's primary physician. He maintains his own clinic.
  • Eiji Kakihana (gibbon) - Odokawa's drinking buddy. He works as a janitor and tries to pick up women via a dating app.
  • Kenshiro and Koshiro Daimon (meerkats) - Police furs, Kenshiro is cynical and takes bribes while looking the other way. His brother Koshiro is naïve and has a strong sense of justice.
  • Fuyuki Yamamoto (red fox) - Manager of the new idol group Mystery Kiss. Has taken an interest in the missing girl case.
  • Rui Nikaido (toy poodle) - Lead singer of Mystery Kiss, she's determined to make her groups debut successful.
  • Shiho Ichimura (calico cat) - Backup singer of Mystery Kiss, she is forced by her manager to engage in multiple badger games to scam money off of rich men.
  • Yuki Mitsuya (black cat) - Backup singer of Mystery Kiss. Athletic and talented she was slated to become the new lead of Mystery Kiss. After she went missing she was replaced by Sakura Wadageki. On stage, she and Shiho perform in masks.
  • Kensuke Shibagaki (boar) - One half of the standup comedy duo Homosapiens. Works part-time at a cabaret club to make ends meet.
  • Atsuya Baba (horse) -The other half of the comedy duo Homosapiens, he plays the straight man. He's finding himself gaining more popularity but thinks Shibagaki is the funnier member of the duo.
  • Dobu (baboon) - Yakuza member. Has an ongoing rivalry with Yano, and suspects Odokawa is behind the missing schoolgirl. His real name is Kyouhei Mizoguchi.
  • Haruhito Yano (porcupine) - A Yakuza member in the same gang as Dobu. Speaks in rhymes as he's rapping instead of talking.
  • Togo Sekiguchi - (polar bear) - A Yakuza member who acts as Yano's bodyguard.
  • Shun Imai (skunk) - An avid fan of Mystery Kiss. He spends his money on Mystery Kiss merchandise and supplements his income by playing the lottery.
  • Taichi Kabasawa (dwarf hippopotamus) - A college student addicted to social media. Obsessed with becoming viral online.
  • Hajime Tanaka (puma) Part of a video game development team. He became obsessed with obtaining an in-game rarity, a dodo, in a mobile game to make up his past foolish mistake as a child. Becomes unhinged and declares vengeance on Odokawa after he breaks his phone and loses the dodo due to his taxi swerving in front of him.


Odd Taxi was nominated for the 2021 Ursa Major Awards, but did not win. Outside of the fandom, it won both Best Protagonist and Best Director in the 6th Crunchyroll Anime Awards.

Feature film[edit]

On April 1st, 2022, a film, Odd Taxi: In the Woods. It is a reconstruction of the events of the television series with a depiction of what occurs immediately after the series ends. The voice actors from the television series reprised their roles. Odd Taxi: in the Woods earned $437,828.00 at the Japanese box office.[1]


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