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Alaina's fursona, Ally/Angel

Alaina Rose, also known as ObliviousAlly (born 1983), is a furry artist who lives in Akron, Ohio, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Alaina has been in the furry fandom since 1997 when she discovered Yerf (back when it was the SCFA) via the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom. She started drawing in high school and began posting, sharing her art with friends, and then posting on Side 7 (now deleted) and VCL.

Alaina runs most of the NorthEast Ohio Furs social media and admins the Telegram group. Alaina has attended Further Confusion and Anthrocon. Formerly, she staffed at Colossal Con, an anime convention in Cleveland, Ohio, and Screaming TikiCon, a comic and pop culture convention in Niles, Ohio.


Alaina's fursona is a fox/opossum hybrid, who is married to KeeperOfDreams.

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