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Republican State Representative Justin J. J. Humphrey
Oklahoma Senate Bill OK HB3084, in full

OK HB3084, also known as House Bill 3084/HB 3084,[1][2] or Section 11-301 of Title 70, is a new section of law to be codified in the Oklahoma State Legislature which states that:

OK HB3084

An Act relating to schools; prohibiting certain students from participating in school curriculum or activities; requiring the student's parent or guardian to pick the student up from school; providing for removal of the student by animal control services; providing for codification; and providing an effective date.


SECTION 1. NEW LAW A new section of law to be codified in the Oklahoma Statutes as Section 11-301 of Title 70, unless there is created a duplication in numbering, reads as follows:

Students who purport to be an imaginary animal or animal species, or who engage in anthropomorphic behavior commonly referred to as furries at school shall not be allowed to participate in school curriculum or activities.

The parent or guardian of a student in violation of this section shall pick the student up from the school, or animal control services shall be contacted to remove the student.

OK HB3084

(In short, human kids acting furry in OK schools would need to be pulled out of them by their parents/guardians, and if not possible, "picked up" by animal control [which only deals with non-sentient, not-human, "animals"]).


HB3084 was first introduced on January 22, 2024[3] by Republican State Representative Justin J. J. Humphrey,[4] an American politician who has served as a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives representing the 19th district, which covers parts of the counties of Choctaw, Pushmataha, Atoka, and Bryan.

The bill is slated to become law on November 1, 2024.

J. J. Humphrey's comments on HB3084[edit]

J. J. Humphrey told magazine Rolling Stone that he wrote HB3084 after hearing "several reports of students disrupting school while engaging in animal-like behavior", without offering Rolling Stones no proof then, nor during the bill creation.[5]

After he introduced the bill, Republican State Representative Justin J. J. Humphrey stated that:

OK HB3084
People are going to call me insane for running this bill. Hell, I'd say they're insane. If you got an animal coming to school, how 'bout we get them vaccinated? How 'bout we get them neutered? And how 'bout we send them to the pound?

I don't wanna see some kid going to the bathroom inna litter box, inna kitty litter. Those people up 'dere lost their mind lettin' these people pretend to be animals in the classroom. If they're gonna be animals let's send 'em pound [sic], let's send 'em home. How do you teach a cat math?.[6]

OK HB3084

But within less than 24 hours, and due to the mainstream reaction[citation needed] to this extremist bill, Humphrey started to backpedal on the bill language, stating that the "animal control" part (written within an official Oklahoma government's official bill), was just "sarcasm".[7]

Mainstream reaction[edit]

Oklahoma Representative Jacob Rosecrants, who was vocal about two of J. J. Humphrey's bills (including the "furry" one), stated on social media that HB3084 was nothing but pandering during an election year.

OK HB3084
It purports to fix a problem that was never a problem," Rosecrants said.[8]
OK HB3084

OK HB3084 and furry[edit]

As with another prior Oklahoma political bill, Senate Bill 943 (or the Oklahoma Parent Empowerment Act for Kids), there is again no apparent reason given why furries are being targeted this time around, but there are similarities to the debunked allegations of conservative extremist parental rights advocates and republican politicians during the 2022 United States elections, whereas they the old canard that furry fandom was indoctrinating the conservative's their children in behalf of the political left,[9] that school districts catered to their "sick whins" (pet bowls, litter boxes with kitty litter, etc),[10] or were shooting people left and right.[11]

Their solutions back then were, again, harsh, such as the example by extremist conservative Republican and pastor Mark Burns, whereas he stated that "furries would brand as 'traitors' and then 'killed' (by hanging)".[12]

The call this time for the use of animal control services (an entity charged with responding to requests for help with animals, including wild animals, dangerous animals, and animals in distress by, normally, using leads, snares, traps, cages, nets, graspers, poles, and muzzles to capture them) to detain and remove human students perceived as being "furries" or roleplaying/cosplaying as animals ('furry characters) from school grounds was seen as at best, "odd".[citation needed]

Fandom reaction[edit]

Fandom reaction was mostly seen on social media and furry news sites, being almost all negative towards this new anti-furry 2024 Oklahoma bill.


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