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Nyxks, also known as Nyx Wolfwalker (born October 3, 1977),[1] is a furry artist and fursuiter who lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[2]


Nyxks' fursona, CC, is a Mystical Crested Fennec. CC's fur can be many colours, changing according to her mood. By default, it is shades of purple with white. She also may have shades of tan and white and gold details[3]


Nyxks has been active within the furry community since the early 1990s.[2] She was on the committee for Furnal Equinox 2012, in charge of the conbook.

Personal details[edit]

Nyxks is married to Kantu and is childfree.[2] She is a graphic designer, web designer, photographer, and a Pagan.


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