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Nursery Tails is the oldest and largest Furry ABDL art and story archive, including over 2000 images, plus stories and multimedia. While babyfur artwork makes up a good deal of the content, the main focus is on Adult Baby and Diaper Lover material.


Nursery Tails started with just a small handful of pictures in the furry artwork section of Proxima Centauri's homepage. The collection grew quickly, and in September of 1996 it moved into its own section, with much the same look as it has today. By 1998, the site moved onto its own server, and acquired its own domain.

Updates are infrequent, but usually large when they finally come online. In July 2004, a hard disk failure wiped out half a year's worth of material. Fortunately, the data was eventually recovered and restored in an update on 30 November 2005.

Nursery Tails moved to a larger server, and surpassed the 2000 image mark in 2007.

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