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Anthro Nova.
Nova at a Renaissance Fair (on right).

Tesseri (born February 4, 1993),[1] is a SFW furry artist and fursuiter who lives in Utah, USA.[1] She is married to Snugglemittins111.


Tesseri's fursona is a Nova Nocturne Bassarisk, a Ring-tailed cat. A partial fursuit of Nova was commissioned in the latter half of 2011, and created by Eddie-Ka (formerly Born-Imperfect).

Tesseri sometimes creates mini slice-of-life comics featuring herself as Nova, and Nova is featured in a rough animation that was done by Tesseri while she was in high school.[2]

Nova has made a cameo in the furry webcomic, Furry Experience, as a result of a contest held by the comic's creator, Ellen Natalie. Nova appears on Filler Page 25.[3]

As of November of 2012, Nova has been made a Fur Affinity account dedicated specifically to her fursona character.[4] Her account is no longer active.


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